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The Markhat Files

Markhat has a knack for finding trouble.

People are always losing something--husbands or wives, sisters or sons. Faith or hope. Trust or money. For a fee, Markhat will brave the mean streets of Rannit and bring home the lost. But be warned. Not every reunion is a joyful one...

All The Paths of Shadow

Meralda and Mug face magic and mayhem.

“Move the Tower’s shadow,” bellowed the King. For Meralda, Tirlin’s first female Mage, nothing was ever the same after undertaking that ill-fated task. Together with Mug, her enchanted dandyleaf plant, Meralda must face a 700 year old curse, cast by a legendary sorcerer who may be haunting the very shadow Meralda must move.

Welcome, friend.

  Looking for trouble? You’re in the right place. Here you’ll find the Markhat books, the Meralda and Mug books, the Wistril and Kern books, and more! Just click the buttons above. Oh, and don’t mind the Ogres. They’re friends of mine.