The Obligatory Snow Blog

I live in the Deep South.  Mississippi, specifically, and it doesn't get much deeper South than that.

Snow is a rarity here.  Snow that accumulates in sufficient depth to actually cover the ground is almost unheard of.

Six to eight inches of snow is the kind of thing we'll look back on in August, when the temperature in the shade is 108 degrees, with utter disbelief.

But it's here, and I've got the photographs to prove it.

So settle back and enjoy a virtual tour of scenic Yocona, Mississippi, where for a while at least the heat and humidity have given way to ice and snow.

That's Karen, my wife.  She's happy to be out in it!

I know, I know, pics of snow-coated winter limbs are cliche, but we haqrdly ever get this stuff, so humor me.

What, now snow-covered barns are cliche too?  Okay, pokay, moving right along...

And he won't stand still, either.

Petey takes a hard stance against all things white and fluffy.

Finally, a snowman!

Okay -- now will someone please clear the roads?