The Old Blog's Sad Fate

Many of you have asked "Hey Frank, what happened to the old blog?"

And when I say many, I mean none.  But nevertheless, I shall 'splain.

The old blog was one I set up years ago.  It was a Wordpress blog, which meant it lived on my website and incorporated a database and had lots and lots of obscure php files in various directories on my site.

The fact that I managed to get the thing up and running is still considered a minor miracle by the Church.  I know precious little about SQL databases and php now, and I knew precisely nothing back then.

But I followed the instructions and the thing worked, for lo, these many years.

Until December 19, that is.  Something happened then.  I could no longer sign in to my Admin panel, couldn't create new posts, couldn't edit old ones.

I was busy during the holidays.  When I did get a chance, I went to the Wordpress tech forums, created an account, and along with a couple of other people experiencing the same problems, I asked for help.

Things went rather downhill from there.

I won't burden anyone with the details, but the fine folks at that particular forum (cough, wankers, cough) weren't particularly helpful.  After a couple of times of being insulted, I decided to just cut my losses and start over, using Blogger, which pretty much runs itself and doesn't require me to run a gauntlet of snarky script kiddies every time I need advice.

I'm sorry for the loss of the old blog.  There was some priceless stuff in there -- my fake interviews with Donald Rumsfeld, the Wells Fargo rant, my pictures of Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness Monster -- but I hope you'll all like this one just as well.

In other news, the editing of Bonnie Bell continues, as does my practicing of the D chord on the new guitar.  Which reminds me -- time for some practice!

Take care, all.