The Wreck of the Toyota Corolla

It's been a rough few days.  Any story that starts out with the words 'And then there was the car wreck' probably isn't a cheery little tale.

In honor of our beloved Toyota, I offer up this tidbit of song -- weep as you sing it.


The legend lives on from the Wendy's on down
of the red light they call the So Sue Me
The light, it is said, is right quick to turn red
When the students are texting and moody.

With a load of Subways -- not very much more
then the mighty Toyota weighed empty
That good car and true was a bone to be chewed
When the red light turned red, and turned early

The car was the pride, yes the Tuttle's main ride
Coming back with sandwiches laden
As Corollas will go it was faster than most
With insurance, full coverage, and paid in

The wind in the tires made a tattletale sound

And I waved at Larry in passing,
And every man knew, as the Tuttle did too,
T'was the students at him were laughing

The lunch hour came late and the hunger was great
When the deadly black Honda came speeding
The brakes, they were applied,
But t'were doomed to collide, when the fateful lunch hour came callin'

The policeman called in he had tow trucks comin' in
And the little Toyota was wounded
And later that same, the insurance man came
and said fellas, it's been good to cover ya

Does anyone know where the Blue Book value goes
When the impact turns your bumper to confetti
The bystanders all said I my face was really red
Came the wreck of the Toyota Corolla!