This Just In: New Markhat Novel Out in October 2011!

It's official -- The Bonnie Bell, a new Markhat novel, has been accepted by Samhain.  The tentative e-book release date is October of this year, with the print release a few months after that.

The Bonnie Bell is an all-new Markhat adventure, not a novella or an anthology of shorts.  I'm really excited about Bonnie Bell.  The whole gang is back, including Mama Hog, Gertriss, Evis, and even Three-leg Cat.

And Darla, of course.  I'd say more about her role in the book but my patient and all-knowing editor threatened to bring out the thumbscrews if I blabbed any plot details early.  So I can't tell you that the name of the book derives from a Rannite wedding ceremony.  No.  That would be telling far too much, and I just won't do it.

So, if you've been wanting more Markhat, you won't need to wait very long.

If you're new to the series, okay, here's the deal.  Markhat, our hero, lives in a world where magic works.  Ogres and Trolls rub shoulders with ghosts and vampires.  Only they don't so much rub shoulders metaphorically as bash heads literally.  This isn't a Tolkienesque world of lyrical Elves and wise old dwarves.  Lyrical Elves wouldn't last their first night in Rannit, Markhat's home town.  And the wise dwarves, if they woke up at all, would wake up shaved, robbed, and doing ten years in the work gangs for vagrancy.

Markhat earns his living as a finder.  Finding became a profession when the Kingdom abruptly won the Troll War and disbanded the Army where they stood, which left half a million soldiers stranded across the Kingdom's vast lands, and their families wondering who lived and who died.

Enter Markhat, former soldier.  He started out finding uncles and fathers and sons for a fee.

Now what he finds is trouble.

Here are the Markhat titles, in some semblance of order:

1) The Cadaver Client
2) Dead Man's Rain
3) The Mister Trophy
(All these available in e-book format from Amazon, or in print all together in the anthology THE MARKHAT FILES)
4) Hold the Dark
(Also available in print as well as e-book format)
5) The Banshee's Walk
(e-book now, in print on June 7 2011)
6) Coming in October: The Bonnie Bell

Look down below this post, toward the bottom of your screen, and I've got links to all these set up already, for your shopping convenience.

I'm already at work on the next one (working title is Brown River Queen).

But for the moment, let me bask in the glory of another sale to Samhain.


Oh yeah.  Feels good.

But now it's back to work!