Things That Go Bump, Part II

As I predicted in last night's blog, the SyFy show 'Haunted Collector' embodied the usual TV ghost-hunting show tropes and followed the same format as all the others.  You got your obligatory green night-vision shots, your whispered EVPs, your standard mis-use of infrared FLIR cameras.

I was wholly underwhelmed.  I can usually suspend my disbelief long enough to at least enjoy the shows as sheer entertainment, but when the team 'discovered' a box beneath the house (which held a mud-encrusted revolver) I lost all interest.  I haven't seen acting that wooden since Howdy Doody.

Maybe I'm being too hasty in my judgment of the show.  Could be I'm just waxing cynical in general.

In other news, The Banshee's Walk hits the shelves in print form on June 7!  Banshee was showing on Amazon as a pre-order up until today.  Now it shows 'in-stock' but there's only 1 copy left!  So go ahead and order that one.  Amazon will re-stock on June 7.

Or you can get your copy from Samhain, the publisher, at the same low price.

Either way, just get one!  Markhat needs a new pair of shoes.  Mama Hog needs dental work.

Here's a cover, which is loaded with subliminal buying instructions.  Do not look away...