E-signing e-books on e-ink e-readers.

The future has arrived.

It's not the future I expected or hoped for, because instead of bringing me flying cars and Mars colonies and teleport pads, the future just slouched in, looked around with bleary eyes, and started complaining about his lousy data service with AT&T.

I think we can pretty much forget flying cars.  Ever.  We'll be lucky if we don't all wind up walking through some Mad Max leather-n-rubble post-apocalypse ruinscape on our way to trade old cans of beans for dirty  water at Bartertown.

But one thing I can do, people, is finally sign all my e-books digitally so you can view the inscription and signature (and the book cover, rendered in stunning grey-scale e-ink) right there on your Amazon Kindle e-reader.

How, you ask, your heart racing in rapt anticipation?

You merely click your way to www.kindlegraph.com and click 'Request Kindlegraph' under the appropriate cover of my book.  The 'signed' page will be delivered to your Kindle via the dark magic of the Whispernet before you can say 'egregious self-promotion.'

Is that all there is to it, you ask, incredulous?

Heck no.  You also have to stick Kindlegraph's email address in your 'Manage My Kindle' page on your Amazon account, or your Kindle will refuse the email from Kindlegraph.  Doing that is easy, though -- it just takes a couple of clicks.  A how-to page is here.  Make sure you don't skip Step 5!

It's easy and fun.  So if you want me to inscribe your electrons, head on over.

We can do this while we wait for the Future to get some rest and shave and maybe get started on the Mars colonies.