All the Paths of Shadow

Maybe you missed my previous eleven thousand, four hundred and ninety-six previous mentions of this, but I have a new book coming out this month.  On September the 20th, to be precise.

The book is All the Paths of Shadow.  The publisher is Cool Well Press.  You'll be able to get All the Paths of Shadow in e-book format or on paper, as you please.  Get either.  Get both.  Just get it.

What is this book about, you ask?

It's about trust and friendship and loyalty and a really good egg roll.  There is magic.  There is Mug, who was great fun to write.  Mug has twenty-nine eyes and a profound fear of aphids, and even so he isn't the oddest character in the book.

You probably noticed that the graphic above employs the words 'young adult novel.'  And that's true, All the Paths of Shadow is a YA, in much the same way the Harry Potter books are YA.  I hope kids will love it, but that doesn't mean you should skip it just because I used the YA tag,  It's not a twee book filled with doodling dobbles and dobbling doodles.  It's a book about a very talented young person coming to grips with the kind of challenges we grumpy adults face every day.

With magic, of course.  And a light blend of steampunk, in the form of dirigibles and electric lights and walking engines trundling down the cobblestone streets.

And that's all I'll say tonight.  As you can probably guess, I'll be talking more about All the Paths of Shadow in the days leading up to the 20th.  So start saving those pennies, people!

There will soon be shopping to be done...

The cover was done by the brilliant Anne Cain -- check her out on DeviantArt!