Eight Days and Counting

The countdown to the release of All the Paths of Shadow stands at a mere 8 days!  Which is plenty of time to stare longingly at the image above while mumbling "I must have it, yesssss, must have the Precious!"

But remember to mumble well out of earshot of employers, spouses, or mental health professionals.  At least until after you've made the order.  We wouldn't want anything to impede the gears of commerce, now would we?

Sorry.  Look, a new book release is both a happy time and a terrifying time.  Happy because all the work is done.  No more writing.  No more re-writing.  No more editing.  We've all agreed that this is the best we can make the book, and we're putting our names on the line with it.

Releases are terrifying because there's simply no way to predict how well the book is going to do.  It is within the realm of possibility that All the Paths of Shadow will one day be known as the first book in the series that knocked Harry Potter down to size.

It is also possible (cynics will quickly point out this is the more likely scenario) that my shiny new book will sell fourteen copies before dropping quietly into literary oblivion.

Realistically, that is the fate of most new books.  I wasn't aware that 95 percent of all the new titles printed sell less than 500 copies.  I envy myself that bit of ignorance.

Now, there is a small, eternally optimistic part of my mind that's running around in circles and throwing celebratory confetti eight days before the release because it is sure, absolutely certain, that Paths of Shadow will quickly become beloved by an entire generation of readers.  Both Cool Well Press and I will overnight be showered in riches and fame, insists this small part of me.  Harry who?, it hastens to add.

I do like the sound of that scenario.

The best way to handle such anxiety, of course, is to simply push all such thoughts aside and get back to work.  Some would say a writer is only as good as his or her last book.

I say a writer is only as good as his or her next book.  It doesn't matter what I wrote last year or even yesterday.  Tomorrow is all that really counts.

So on that note, it's back to work.  But start saving those pennies anyway!