Meet the Publisher

I've done a lot of blathering the last week or so about my new book.  I thank all of you who've stuck with me, and I bow down in profound gratitude to those who bought the book!

Today, though, I'd like to invite everyone to meet the publisher of All the Paths of Shadow, which is Cool Well Press.  Go ahead, click on their link and have a look around.  I'm not going anywhere.

The first thing you probably noticed is that Cool Well Press is offering all their e-books in various formats.  You can get epub.  Or Mobi.  Or, in a week or so, you can even get good old print.  So whether you rolll with a Kindle or a Nook or a Sony, Cool Well is there to hook you up.

Cool Well just released two other books as well as mine.  Check out The Trinity Pact by E. M. Shelton and Weirdo World by Cathy Seckman while you're there.

And of course Cool Well Press will soon announce the Win a Kindle contest, in which you, yes you, can win a free Kindle just because you're such a cool person.

I owe Cool Well Press a huge thanks for working so hard to make All the Paths of Shadow such a good-looking book.  And of course for the intense editing.  If there are typos in that book I will gnaw off my own feet, and that's a promise made on the internet which of course I will deny ever making if typos are in fact found.

So please check them out!  Oh, and if you're an author, be sure and click the Calls link.  They're planning several themed anthologies, and the pay is top-notch!