Yet Another Contest!

Time for another contest!

The prize this time is a free copy of my new book, All the Paths of Shadow, in either Mobi or epub format (your choice).  Amazon's Kindle can read Mobi, and pretty much everything else can read epub, so you're covered either way.

This contest is a bit more involved than my usual first-ten-to-reply win.  Because this time I'm going to ask you a question, and only the first five correct entries get the book.  The question isn't hard.  In fact, it's easily found somewhere in the free sample Amazon will happily provide from you here.

The question is this:  How many eyes does Mug have?

And the answer can be found by downloading the free sample.  I promise it's in there.  And it's not hidden, concealed, or otherwise obscured.  It's plainly stated.  In whole numbers.  No math involved.

When you have the answer, just email me at

Couldn't be easier.

Is this simply a ploy to get people looking at the book and possibly downloading the sample?

Well of course it bloody well is!  But I am giving away free stuff.  Cutting my own throat, I am, as Dibbler would say (bonus points to anyone who can identify that reference).  All I ask is that if you do win, and you do like the book, drop me a line or two of glowing praise on Amazon!  Books live or die by reviews and word of mouth, and I'm not too proud to beg.  Or wheedle.  Or whine, if that will get results.

So grab the free sample, find the answer to the question (How many eyes does Mug have?), and email it to me.

Ready -- GO!