John Carter, Fletcher Update, and a Plea for Help!

Good morning, gentle reader!  Sorry for the week-long absence. But it's been a very busy week, filled with syringes and dosages and lack of sleep and of course Tuesday's invasion of the bee men. I hate missing 'Survivor' because I have to build a death ray with old stereo parts, but some days are just that way.

Dog Fletcher continues to do very well. We're still trying to get the insulin dosage right -- we've gone from the initial seven units to nine units, and we'll test him again Thursday to see if that's the right dosage at last.

I saw John Carter this weekend, and despite the lukewarm reviews and box office take I had a blast with it. they took the 1911 version of Mars and ran with it, sticking close to the spirit of the original stories, and while that makes no sense at all from a realistic point of view it made for a fun movie.  There's even a nod, intentional or not, to NCIS, when Tars Tarkus gives John Carter a perfect Gibbs head-thump after Carter makes a particularly bone-headed mistake.

So forget the critics and see John Carter. It's a lot of fun.

Now, finally, I need your help!  Please go to and vote for my book, ALL THE PATHS OF SHADOW.

Please?  You don't have to register or sign in. It doesn't grab your email. I'm up against a big title, and every vote counts, so please, if not for me, for Helium, and Dejah Thoris!