The Dog Days of Pear Summer

Today's blog entry is brought to you by dogs. And pears. And maybe a cloud or two.

But we'll start with Lou Ann, who is neither pear nor cloud, but all dog and proud of it.

That's Lou -- Lou Ann Tuttle, in full. She came to us from a shelter in Olive Branch, Mississippi four years ago, I think it was. I just took this picture, out on the patio.

Lou is part Shepherd and all Alpha Female. She's even got Thor under control, and Thor is easily twice her size. Maybe three times. But when Lou Ann lifts those ears and gives him that look, Thor sort of nods and accedes. Which is good, because (don't tell him I said this) Lou Ann is far more suited to be pack leader than Thor, who is still in goofy-puppy mode.

It's still hard for me to understand why someone put Lou in a shelter. Her time (and her number) were nearly up when we got her. She's a loving, well-behaved dog who is genuinely eager to please. Yeah, she's not a full-blooded anything, but for that matter, neither am I.

Next up in the non-sequitur parade are pears. Specifically, the pears produced by a scraggly five-dollar pear tree I bought on a whim at a big-box store years ago. It was a little more than chest high, hardly more than a weed, really. But now it is a pear-producing machine, people. Seriously. There are hundreds of not particularly beautiful but certainly very tasty pears hanging from this determined little tree right now. Here's a shot of just one branch:

Yes, I was after a pear when I took the photo of Lou Ann. Do I always take my camera when I go outside for a pear?

Yes, because if Bigfoot is at the tree again I want proof. 

Finally, a cloud. Or a bunch of clouds, doesn't matter, just take a good look at this, and tell me what you see!

I see a dog, running. Playing. Happy.

That was the cloud, over the pear tree, being watched by Lou Ann.

What does any of that mean?

Everything. Nothing. Sometimes a dog is just a dog, and a cloud is just a cloud.

And sometimes they're all a part of something far bigger.

I suppose that's up to you to decide.

Me, I'm going to eat a pear and rub Lou Ann's head and watch that dog romp across the sky.