Expedition Unknown Live Interview Sing-Along!

Welcome, boys and ghouls, to my appearance as a guest on the Expedition Unknown internet radio show!

I'm Frank Tuttle, large mammal, sometimes author, sometimes amateur paranormal investigator. Tonight we'll be emphasizing the paranormal side of things.

Expedition Unknown is a professional paranormal investigation group based in the Mid-South, an area which covers Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Here's a link to their webpage, and here is a link to their YouTube channel, which features a number of fascinating EVP recordings caught during their investigations.

I've prepared this blog entry to showcase my own 3 best pieces of EVP evidence, as well as a few images I found interesting.

I hope you'll pull up this page in one browser tab and listen to the live radio show on TMV Cafe in another. I promise it will be fun -- the shows airs at 8:00 PM CST on Monday January 20. Please join us!

Now, on to my EVPs.

The best one is first. I recorded this in 2012 in Oxford, Mississippi, after a visit to author William Faulkner's grave. It was early evening, just dark. I noted the presence of so many liquor bottles left at Faulkner's grave (a local tradition), and commented 'maybe I should have brought a case.' A female voice I didn't hear during recording said this:


Sounds like 'hiphop' to me. Which is completely out of context, but there it is.

Next up is another EVP, from the same place and time -- Oxford, 2012.


If you're interested, the full blog entry associated with these EVP recording is here:

Things That Go Bump, Famous Author Edition

Next up is a laugh, apparently aimed at me, which I recorded in a tiny cemetery in Tula, Mississippi in 2012. I was alone, in broad daylight. I invited any entities to speak, adding that their voices could be recorded by the instrument I held. Listen to what follows.


Of all the EVPs I've captured, those are probably the best.

Here is a full set of links to my paranormal-themed blog entries:

The Wild Man of Yocona Bottom.
This contains a full, high-quality 20 *minute* recording of something howling while being pursued by a pack of hounds along the Yocona River, about a mile from my patio. Recorded with a darned good Zoom H1 mic, purely by accident. Very strange.

Things That Go Bump, 2013:

Instrumental Trans Communications (pictures!)

Below, an image I captured and immediately dubbed 'Mr. Spooky Face.'

A typical mirror-box ITC image, as captured by my mirror box rig.

ITC image captured by the Scole Group. 
Link to the Scole Experiment webpage (1995 called, wants its code back):
The Scole Experiment

Just for fun:
Dead in the Deep South: A Field Guide to Southern Ghosts

Things That Go Bump, 2012:

My webpage: