MidSouthCon 32!

MidSouthCon 32 has come and gone, and as a grinning survivor of the juggernaut that was the 32nd MidSouthCon, I am happy to report it was a rousing success.

The Memphis Hilton was packed with science fiction and fantasy fans of every sort. There were gamers, costumers, filkers, authors, artists, publishers, cosplayers, and lovers of the strange and unusual, all packed into the Hilton with one goal in mind -- to have a lot of fun.

Mission accomplished, because fun was had by the steaming, giggling metric ton. I met a lot of great people. Sat in on some writer's panels that were illuminating and entertaining. I saw truly stunning art, and listened to some great Celtic autoharp music.

And that was just sitting in my truck in the hotel parking lot. Things really got moving once I ventured inside the Con itself.

Did I take pictures? Of course I did. The one above shows three old Con friends who favor the universe of the Doctor. They don't say much, but they do freak out the people on the hotel elevators.

I haven't had time to go through all the photos I took, and that's not going to happen today. What the Con gives in entertainment it takes in strength, and I am beat right now. So I'll just post a few pics and some news this week, and post more later.

The crew from Expedition Unknown was of course on hand, to showcase their paranormal sleuthing skills in panels. In the image below, investigator Tanya Vandesteeg demonstrates a novel use for an infrared temperature gun.  

I was inducted into the Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame, and my book Brown River Queen was 1st runner-up for the Darrell Award for novel of the year. Not a bad haul!

I met and spoke with author Kellie Armstrong, who wrote Bitten, which is now a TV series. She was gracious and patient and I hope she returns to MidSouthCon soon. I also met Toni Weisskopf, publisher of Baen Books, and she is also a Jedi Master of Being Cool.

As I said, MidSouthCon was a blast. But it must also be noted I am no longer in my teens or my twenties or my thirties (we'll stop there, lest I discover I am a mummy and vanish in a cloud of dust), so I must now crawl toward the nearest couch in rapt anticipation of The Walking Dead. 

Take care, folks! Buy some books!