The Darker Carnival cover reveal!

Few things are as much fun for a writer as seeing a new book cover, and realizing it is the perfect cover for the book..

So we're both in for a treat today, because the cover for the upcoming Markhat book THE DARKER CARNIVAL is done. The book goes on sale next April, but I don't see any reason to make you wait. So, here it is -- another Kanaxa masterpiece!

I don't know how she (Kanaxa) does it. She captured the essence of the book perfectly, she gave Markhat the perfect vampire-built revolver, and Darla has the perfect expression of elegant self-assurance. Even the shadow over Markhat's eyes embodies one of the book's more subtle themes.

I don't think I'm engaging in the forbidden art of spoilery by suggesting The Darker Carnival might be set in a carnival and that the carnival might be evil. Might be. Of course, like a magician's stage show, what you perceive and you actually happens could be two very different things.

Like so much of life, experience is often a matter of perspective. The wondrous acts of the magician are revealed as mere sleight-of-hand trickery if one steps out of the audience and observes from behind the stage.

And, on rare occasions, the mundane, rote day-today routines of life give way briefly to miracles.

You just have to be looking at the right place from the right spot to understand the true significance of either.

I hope Markhat fans will enjoy this new entry in the series. It was fun to write. Who doesn't love a traveling carnival, evil or not?

All our old friends are back, and a new face might even wind up added to the cast. But I'm getting carried away, so just scroll back up and have another look at that gorgeous cover.

April really isn't that far away.

If you haven't gotten around to reading The Five Faces, the latest book in the series which is now on sale everywhere, now is a good time! And check out that cover too. Amazing!