Release Day News: All The Turns of Light on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble!

No more delays, no more vague promises of 'coming soon' or 'any day now!'

All The Turns of Light is now loose in the wild. Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble have the book, and it is making its way to market via each bookseller. I set a publishing date of November 19, which is Tuesday, but I'm sure the book will go live for purchase on each site well before the 19th.

A few basic facts about All the Turns of Light:
  • An unusually articulate marmot served as consultant for most of Chapter 5.
  • Two brave copy editors suffered minor injuries in the unfortunate gerund skirmish of October 2nd.
  • The airship Intrepid was constructed to scale and actually flown to enhance the book's realism. I now owe Mastercard 138 million dollars. The Kickstarter funding campaign will commence soon.
  • Film rights for the book have already been secured by Paramount. They haven't, but if enough people spread the rumor Universal might get jealous and snap up the rights, so let's all head to Twitter and stir the pot.
  • At no point in the book does the word syzygy appear, because man, I hate that word. 

BREAKING NEWS -- All the Turns of Light is live on Amazon and Kobo.

Amazon is the first to display a product page for All the Turns of Light!  It popped up while I was writing this. The link is below. 

Grab thyself a copy, if the Kindle is your format of choice. 

Prefer a Kobo version? They too prove swift on the draw. The link to the book at the Kobo store is below!

Both versions are $2.99.

If you missed the first book, All the Paths of Shadow, wait until tomorrow and you'll be able to get it free for the next few days. I'll be adding a Kobo edition of this book to the Kobo collection soon, so if don't read Kindle e-books don't despair.

EVEN MORE BREAKING NEWS -- All the Turns of Light is live on Barnes & Noble!

And the circle of life is complete. The Nook edition of All the Turns of Light just went live. The link is below:

Now What?

The release of a new book is followed by fourteen seconds of rest and relaxation. But no more than fourteen seconds, because after seeing a book go public, every writer I know claws their way to a monitor, pulls up their title, and watches the rankings like some sort of demented, unhygienic hawk.

Will the book sell? Will it get any reviews? Will it get any good reviews? Oh my God, what's my position on the Oxford comma? Did I remember to change the bellboy's name from Jim to Tim at the end of Chapter 12? What am I doing? Really, what am I doing, is it too late to yank the book and take up yak herding? The Amazon ranking just fell by 0.002 percent? People hate it!  People hate ME!

The author reflects calmly upon his work.
The book is out. I thank my readers for their patience and grace, my editors and beta readers and technical support geniuses for their help, and my friends for not quietly blocking me on social media when I blathered about the thing.

And now, if you'll pardon me, I must hunch over a flickering display and click REFRESH until the mouse fails or my finger does...

(image of Mad Man courtesy of Cerenzio of