Something Well-Dressed This Way Comes

The big news this week, of course, is below....

The new Markhat novel, The Darker Carnival, is available for pre-order on Amazon!

The book goes on sale April 28, but Amazon, ever helpful, is now taking advance orders. Click below to see the product page, read the blurb, and gaze in wide-eyed wonder at the awesome cover art!

The Darker Carnival Amazon pre-order!

Prefer Nook books? No problem, the Barnes & Noble pre-order page is live too. Here's a link.

The Darker Carnival at Barnes & Noble

If you'd rather order direct from the publisher, the Samhain page is also up and running. They'll let you choose from any format at all.

The Darker Carnival from Samhain (all formats)

Kobo is also set up to take pre-orders!

The Darker Carnival from Kobo

So choose your flavor and dive right in.

MidSouthCon News

MidSouthCon 33 is right around the corner -- less than a month away now. If you haven't signed up or booked your room at the Hilton, you'd better hurry! The Con space will fill up fast, if it hasn't already.

I'll be there, and I'm on a number of panels this year. I'm even hosting one -- "Humor in Fantasy." So if you've ever wondered how to use humor in your own writing, you'd probably want to avoid this panel because so far my presentation notes consist of suggestions on where in the room to hide.

I do hope to read and then deconstruct a couple of humorous passages and scenes. Humor is one of the most effective tools in the writer's toolbox, but it's also the riskiest. A joke that falls flat is likely to take the book down with it.

But we'll talk about that in the panel! Come prepared with questions and small airplane bottles of hard liquor for the author. That way he might get distracted and you can all slip out and go watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show screening instead.

I've been working on my steampunk Ghostbusters proton pack, and it's nearly finished.

If you remember the last set of images I posted, the thrower part of the pack was a big long copper thing that actually shot confetti. Well, it's nice, and it works, but it's also huge and heavy. So I've built a second much smaller thrower that I'm pleased with. Pics of both are below!