Signed Book Giveaway!

Want a signed print copy of the new Markhat adventure, The Darker Carnival?

Sure you do.

But as the loud guys on TV say, but wait, there's more!

I'll send you not one but TWO signed copies, if you'll agree to give the second copy away free to a friend who hasn't read the series.

Sound good? You get a free signed book, maybe I pick up a new fan. Everybody is grinning. 

And just how do you get this book, you ask?

That's easy. Look at the picture below, which is an original artwork depicting Markhat created by a fan, Raevyn Tws aka Eric Ralphs. 

Markhat is obviously saying something -- but what?

Caption the image! Post your caption in the comments section. Best entry of the week gets the books, with the winner announced next Sunday. 

Judging will be conducted by myself and my team of literary canines, who will indicate their preferences via tail-wags and emissions of noxious gasses. 

Pick an actual quote from any of the books, if you want. Or make something up. Inside jokes are welcome. It's all up to you!

So warm up your keyboards, and get those entries in the comments section to this blog. You've got a week!

Good luck, and have fun!