Proton Pack


Above is my updated Steampunk Ghostbuster Aetheric Projector pack, which now has lights and sound!

I shot the image above in darkness to show of some of the lighting. Many of the following images show the pack in full light as well, to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Please ignore the battered work-bench. It's a workbench, which means it gets drilled, spilled, grilled, and milled, but is rarely polished and restored to furniture grade beauty. 

The gun-like object on the lower left is the aether emitter. It's connected to the main pack with thick copper cable, and the hook on the lower right of the pack acts as a holster.

A side view....

View of the uppser section. The globe on the left has interior illumination, as does the 'vacuum tube' assembly on the right. The blow disc at the bottom left is a plasma disk made with LEDs. The plasma pattern changes shape at random.

And that's most of it, lit up at once. The lights can be set to either remain on or flash a different rates; I find the flashing to be most effective, but it makes it difficult to catch a photo of everything lighted.

Below is a short video of the whole pack in action. I mentioned sound before, and yes, I can use my phone's Blutooth setting to stream audio right to the pack's speaker. I'll be building an audio file just for the pack -- I'm thinking steam hisses overlaid onto clocks ticking, with weird stuff thrown in at random -- but for this video, I just picked a song at random and turned it on. 

Click below, and enjoy!