Audiobook News

The audiobook version of Every Wind of Change is nearly done. And by ‘nearly done,’ I mean I expect to see a release in the next two weeks.

So you’ll know what to look for, here’s the audiobook cover, which is just a bit different from the text cover.


The completed audio book comes in at just under nine hours of narration. The narrator, Nila Hagood, did a fantastic job of giving the characters voices. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Work on the next Markhat audiobook will start with the new year. Hold the Dark will be the next in that series, naturally. But if you haven’t gotten Three Mean Streets yet, it’s on sale from the links below:

Three Mean Streets from Audible

Three Mean Streets from iTunes

And of course there’s plain old text!

Three Mean Streets from Amazon

Three Mean Streets from Kobo

I’ll keep you posted here.