The Every Wind of Change audiobook is on sale!


The audiobook is live!

By following the links below you can grab nearly 10 hours of Mug and Meralda, narrated by the talented Nila Hagood.

Link to Every Wind of Change on Audible

It’s all available from iTunes as an audiobook; just search for Frank Tuttle in the iTunes store and you’ll find it.

Nila did a marvelous job of giving the characters voices. And we finally meet Meralda’s lost-estranged mother, who is probably the scariest person of all in a book filled with ravenous giant bugs.

Yes, audiobooks are a bit steeper in price than ebooks. But for nine hours and fifty-seven minutes of listening, it’s really not a bad price. Too, the Amazon version is Whispersync-enabled which means you can start reading on your Kindle and pick up at the place you stopped with the Audible version, which is nice.

I have plans to release the other two books in the series as audiobooks too. I’ll also be putting out audiobook versions of the Markhat files next year.

Please let me know what you think of the audio versions. They’re perfect for long drives or flights or just kicking back at home on a rainy day.