Meralda in Motion

I had hoped to open this weeks's blog with a short animation of Meralda waving hello.

Sadly, that's not going to happen. My career as a 3D animator is off to a rocky start. So far, her animated movements resemble those of a crash-test dummy dropped into an industrial shredding machine. 

I believe Meralda herself has emerged from the multiverse -- I did get her to take a few steps, but her right hand formed a certain rude gesture involving a raised middle finger. I can neither explain nor remove the gesture. I do believe it was her comment on my skills as an animator.

Work on the audiobooks is progressing nicely. The voice actor for Three Mean Streets has a great Markhat voice, and his Mama Hog is wonderful. Mug and the gang from Every Wind of Change are a delight, and I really believe both sets of books will be a genuine pleasure to listen to.

Meanwhile, I ran into a snag with the new Markhat, The Devil's Horn. I was cruising along at speed until I realized I'd missed a major plot hole. I'm sure you've heard it asked why Gandalf didn't just ask Gwaihir and the eagles to fly Frodo to Mount Doom so he could destroy the Ring without traipsing all the way into the heart of Mordor? 

Yeah, I had a moment like that. So a chapter or two needs to be re-written, because I can't expect Tolkien's luck in having my version of that little problem remain undiscussed for fifty years.

Improved Pulp Covers

Here are a few altered pulp covers, for your amusement...





Wild Wild Web

Finally, here's this week's Wild Wild Web link. Fans of Ghostbusters and Supernatural should love this one. Enjoy!

Wild Wild Web