A Touch of Steampunk

I’m a huge fan of author Gail Carriger. She writes the most amazing books, filled with humor, wit, more humor, more wit, and truly engaging characters.

So when I read an illustrated hardback edition of Soulless was due out, and I could get a signed edition if I pre-ordered, I did.

The book is here, and it’s beautiful. The cover and interior illustrations are by artist Jensine Eckwall. This is the first book of the Parasol Protectorate series, and it’s an absolute blast.

The hero is Miss Alexia Tarabotti. She was born without a soul, which grants her the unique ability to neutralize supernatural abilities with the slightest touch. Vampires, for instance, are left fangless for the duration of any physical contact with Miss Tarabotti.

Set in a very Steampunkish London, the books are filled with action, intrigue, and of course the dry wit of Alexis Tarabotti.

soulless for blog.jpg

If you haven’t read the series, do yourself a favor and start. They’re great books.

And now I have an autographed copy of the first book!

autograph for blog.jpg

I don’t have many autographed novels. There’s Making Money by Terry Pratchett, Rhialto The Marvellous by Jack Vance, The Incompleat Enchanter signed by L. Sprague De Camp, and now Soulless by Gail Carriger.

It’s a shelf of books I’m proud to own.

Special Blog Tomorrow

Tomorrow, early, I’ll be posting a special Monday blog. A good friend of mine is releasing a new book, but you can read all about it tomorrow morning. There’s also a audio interview, and I’ll be posting a link to that tomorrow as well.

Did Someone Say Audiobook?

I don’t like to harp on my own releases, but the first Markhat title, Three Mean Steets, is out in audiobook format. Of course it’s also available as an ebook, and links to both are below.

Three Mean Streets, the Kindle version

Three Mean Streets, the audiobook

Wild Wild Web

In last week’s Wild Wild Web entry, I posted a video to a British chap hop artist, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer. Chap Hop is a musical genre that blends rap with steampunk sensibilities, and I love the result.

Well, Mr. B and another chap hop artist, Professor Elemental, came to loggerheads after Mr. B mentioned the Professor in less than glowing terms in a tweet. The Professor retaliated with a song of his own, Fighting Trousers.

Here are links to both artists, in case you’d enjoy watching the standoff unfold.

Mr. B in No Character to Clear

Professor Elemental: Fighting Trousers

Finally, here’s a mystery link. Enjoy!

Wild Wild Web Mystery Link