Audiobook News and Darla First Look

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The audiobook version of Three Mean Streets will go live any day now.

I'll post a special blog when I get word it's on sale. It'll be on Amazon's Audible and iTunes. I don't know the retail price yet, but I do know you'll be getting a solid six and a half hours of narration with this title.

Editing an audiobook is a lot like doing the final proof of a text book. I listened to each chapter as it was completed, and there was some back-and-forth concerning pronunciations and the like. Since the book's text was also edited (and edited, and edited) this process wasn't nearly as painful as the written version. 

Connor, the voice actor, did a marvelous job of capturing Markhat's dry, cynical wit. The supporting characters came across just as well. I honestly believe you're going to have a blast listening to this.

So stay tuned for the big announcement, which I guess will be forthcoming early this week.

Work is also coming along on the audio version of Every Wind of Change. It's a much longer book, with quite a few supporting characters, so that's going to take some time -- but it is in progress, and the voices are incredible.


At last, I have a couple of very rough images of Darla from the Markhat Files. These are preliminary, and will change -- but here's her basic look, which yes, needs a lot of tweaking. She's all dressed up for a night of dancing on the Brown River Queen. Markhat is taking the picture, so he's not shown yet.


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