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ID 87927688 © Ctitze |

ID 87927688 © Ctitze |

Keep reading to the end; I am giving away free books.

Like so many modern authors, I’m being bled dry by ebook pirates.

All my titles are out there, free for the taking, from any number of ‘free’ book sites. And ultimately there’s not a single bloody thing I can do about it.

Most of the sites are merely fronts for thieves. Let’s say they offer an unlimited number of free book downloads for a single flat fee. Sounds good, until a few months later when you notice fraudulent charges applied to whatever credit card you used to pay the one-time membership fee.

What these asshats do is get your financial information and sell it on the black market. Yes, you might get some ebooks, but some guy in Aruba also gets a full set of scuba gear on your card. Not really a bargain.

Other free ebook sites don’t ask for payment, but they send various items of code and spyware along with your free ebooks. The result is the same — they get something of yours, probably money, just by a more circuitous route.

Since most of these free ebook providers are based overseas, they can keep doing this despite complaints by their clients and takedown notices by authors, like me.

It’s a vicious cycle. Income among writers has plummeted in the last few years, and ebook piracy is a major factor.

But that’s not going to change anytime soon. Rather than rail against it all, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon today, and offer you the entire Markhat series for free, in Kindle, pdf, or epub format.

That way you know you’re getting actual, clean ebooks, and I know the books are going to a good home.

How do you get these free ebooks?

Just ask. That’s it. Email me, tell me what format you prefer, and in a day or two I’ll email the files right to you. It’s as easy as that.

My email address is

I’m doing this not because I’m angry. I’m doing it because I realize there are people squeezed so tight financially that even a few bucks for an ebook is hard to come by. Look, I know we’re told all the time that the economy is booming. And it is, for the people who struggle to decide between the ninety-foot yacht and the second private helicopter. But the rest of us are working two or three jobs and praying that weird mole doesn’t get any bigger because it costs four hundred dollars just to walk past a doctor and the kids expect supper on the table most nights.

Those are the choices we have to make.

So if you’d love to read some new books, hit me up. You won’t be added to a pesky mailing list. I won’t be begging for reviews. This blog is the only place I even talk about my writing. You get the books and I leave you alone.

Now if you want to email me and talk, that’s perfectly fine. I love getting email. I do not love being a pest.

So hit me up! All the Markhat titles, including Knob Hill Haunt, Mama Hog’s story, are up for grabs.

I hope you enjoy them. That’s why I got into this crazy business in the first place. To write books, books that might give someone a smile or a laugh or a brief respite from the chaos and burden of everyday life.

What good, after all, if a book that isn’t being read?