A List Just For Laughs

I promised you something funny, so here it is — my video survival guide for anyone who needs a laugh.

All these are short, so enjoy!

1) The SNL Vincent Price Holiday Special shorts. Classic humor.

The First Halloween Special

The Second Halloween special

The Thanksgiving special

The Christmas special

I love these mainly because Bill Hader does such a wonderful exasperated Vincent Price.

2) Google Translate Sings. This woman is not only a talented singer, but she’s hilarious. Enjoy.

Google Translate Sings ABBA

Google Translate Sings Total Eclipse of the Heart

3) I don’t have words for this one. Very entertaining, though.

Frontier Psychiatrist

4) Any Rick and Morty fans out there? If so, this is for you. Even if you’re not, it’s a great song.

I’m Fine

5) Just an awesome song and video you probably haven’t seen.

Angels Look Like Devils

6) An unsung internet hero gave The Alan Parson’s Project’s ‘Dr. Tarr and Professor Feather’ a video background of old pulp horror comic scenes. Well worth a watch.

Dr Tarr

7) Unknown Hinson, for those days when a goblin in your head is pushin’ out your hair…

Unknown Hinson

8) Vampires. Got to have vampires.

Future Cars

9) The gang from Hogwarts gets funky.

Dark Lord Funk

10) Two of my favorite groups: Ghostbusters and the Mythbusters.

Ghostbusters versus Mythbusters