And The Winner Is...

Joe Austin!

Now to backtrack a bit.

Last week, I announced a contest in which a signed copy of  The Banshee's Walk would be given away to a single person among those who entered the contest by emailing, liking the post on Facebook, or commenting on this blog .

Hundreds of thousands of entries rolled in, if you're counting individual electrons.  This afternoon I compiled a list of all entrants (by hand, since my printer is dead), put them all in a box, and drew out a single name.

Which was Joe Austin, who entered via Facebook.  So, Joe, hit me with your contact info and I'll get your signed copy of The Banshee's Walk out pronto!

In other Markhat news, I just finished my end of the first round edits on the new Markhat book, The Broken Bell.   So a brand new full-length (120,000 words) Markhat novel will be available soon -- first in e-book format, of course, and then later in print.  I'm just guessing here, but the e-book might hit in late August or early September.  That probably means a Christmas release for the print version. Again, I'm just guessing!

And lets not forget about All the Paths of Shadow, my YA fantasy novel which may be coming out around the same time from Cool Well Press.  Paths of Shadow is another long book, weighing in at around 120,000 words as well.  Meralda's world is quite different from Markhat's, but I hope readers love them both.

Okay, back to work for me!  Congratulations, Joe.  Hope you enjoy The Banshee's Walk!