It's finally June 7, which means finer bookstores everywhere in the universe can place printed copies of The Banshee's Walk on their shelves!

You can snag a copy online for just $10.50 at Samhain, which will deliver it to your door with a minimum or fuss and bother.  Amazon will do the same, but the book costs a bit more there.

I'd like to announce a signing to go along with the release, but you try being a fantasy author and getting the bookstores hereabouts to book a signing for you.  Go on.  I'll wait right here, with my chair and books and my bag lunch.  Because you're going to be a long time arranging that gig, baby.  Now, if you wise up and start writing about drunks and catfish and love gone wrong down at the trailer park, you'll be showered with accolades, even if your total sales rank in the high single-digits.  Because you're writing LIT-RAT-TURE, while I'm apparently churning out fluff.

Bitter much?

Maybe a little.  I suppose it's the implied 'Come back and see us when you're a real writer' attitude that truly irks me.  Some Gothed-out Emo cranks out a 40-page book of third-rate poems, and they get wine and cheeses.  I have a freaking series of novels out, e-book and print, well-reviewed and apparently well-liked, and I get the cold shoulder because someone wrinkles their nose at the word 'fantasy.'

Rant off.  Had to share.  Anyway, back to business --

Fans of the Markhat series will be pleased to know the first round of edits on the new book are well underway!  The new book will be called The Broken Bell, and though no dates have been set in stone yet I'm thinking September for the e-book release, which is always ahead of the print release.

I think people are going to love The Broken Bell.  You get to see Mama Hog stomp her way to Pot Lockney with murder on her mind.  You get to see Markhat tackles the big question concerning his relationship with Darla.  The Broken Bell has it all -- love and hate, war and peace, biscuits and ham.  I'm really happy with the  way the series is heading.

So, to recap -- The Banshee's Walk is out in print, starting today.  If your local bookstore doesn't have it ask for it.  Or just hit one of the links above for painless home delivery.

Either way, just buy!