Editing the Night Away

The editing on the new book, All the Paths of Shadow, is going quickly and well.  I hope to have the first round edit sent back in a week, if not sooner.  That's hardly the end of the matter -- another round or two of edits is pretty much expected, if not inevitable -- but the first round is generally the most difficult, and it's nearly in the bag.

Most of the time, I handle edits much like I handle haircuts or lawn care.  It's a necessary evil, but not something I revel in.  But I must say, tweaking Paths of Shadow has been fun.  I hope that's a good sign.

I've even come up with a few ideas for the sequel, and maybe even a title for the next book in what may turn out to be a series.  I like All the Turns of Light for the name of the sequel, although that is subject to change.

That's been my world for the last couple of weeks.  Editing, with a side order of bronchitis.  I was laid out flat and coughing for the better part of six days, until the lovely lovely steroids kicked in.  I can breathe again, which is always welcome.

Well, back to work!  By the way -- if you've just read the new Markhat, The Banshee's Walk, drop me an email and tell me what you thought!  My email is franktuttle@franktuttle.com.  I don't bite, and I do respond well to flattery.