Markhat News

The new Markhat book, The Broken Bell, is headed to the First Line Editor (FLE)!  Which means a new Markhat in the near future.  I imagine the e-book will be released first, with the printed version a few months later.  I'll provide dates when they become available.

I've started the first-round edits for the YA novel. This one is entitled All the Paths of Shadow and will be available from Cool Well Press in September. This will, I believe, be a print release.  I'll post details of that release later.

I'm also working on a short story for an upcoming horror anthology and the screenplay for a short Halloween film a good friend of mine, Matthew Graves, is putting together.  I'm also building a couple of props for the movie.  The embalming pump is coming along nicely, and it will look great in the living room long after the movie is done.  I'll post a few pics of it when I have it sealed for fluid.

That's pretty much my world at the moment.  Editing, writing, a little mortuary science -- yes, these are the salad days.