Let's Pester Bookstores

People are asking me when local bookstores will get print copies of  The Banshee's Walk.

Now, it's true that as an author I am privy to many of the Mysterious Secrets of the Universe.  I know all about Area 51.  The Roswell crash?  I have actual debris.  Who shot Kennedy?  I know, but it's best if I don't say.

But sadly, the inner workings of local bookstores are well beyond my ken.  Yes, the book came out June 7.  No, I don't know why they don't have it yet, or when they plan to get it.

So here's the best thing to do -- call them and ask.  Nay, call them and insist -- nay again, demand -- that they stock their shelves with The Banshee's Walk at once!

Bonus points are awarded if you make your demands in a clipped British accent punctuated by excited wavings of your cane.  Double bonus points shall be granted if you glare through your gold-rimmed monocle.

Look, when I ask, they just roll their eyes and pretend to consult their computers while they check for Facebook updates.  But when you, a potential customer ask, it means business, and so do they.

There are three bookstores in Oxford.  I've posted their names and phone numbers below.  Give them a call, and help me get The Banshee's Walk on local bookshelves so I can feed my ego by strolling elegantly past while smoking a tweed jacket:

Phone  (662) 236-2262
Ask for The Banshee's Walk by Frank Tuttle

Phone   (662) 236-9494 
Ask for The Banshee's Walk by Frank Tuttle   

Phone   (662) 915-7137 
Ask for The Banshee's Walk by Frank Tuttle

If you also want to throw in phrases such as 'Tuttle is the greatest living writer since Eugene K. Shirtbasket' or
'I want to order three hundred copies please' then be my guest.

If you want to skip the whole meat-world shopping process and jump straight to the Web, order your copy here.