Edits Away!

The final edits for The Broken Bell are done and away!

Which is good.  Final edits done, I've seen an absolutely stunning sneak peek of the book cover -- it's been a good weekend to be a writer.

Tonight, I'm going to eat some vanilla ice cream with chocolate on top.  Karen and I will watch Leverage and Falling Skies.

And tomorrow, I'll start another book.

Writing is work, make no mistake.  There were times I almost threw in the proverbial towel.  But days like this make all the work worthwhile.

For everyone who's bought a Markhat book, thanks!  I hope you've enjoyed reading them.  I got an email today in which the sender asked if I planned to keep writing Markhat books.

The answer to that is a resounding yes.

Take care, all, and look for The Broken Bell in December!