Google +, Boom or Bust?

I've spent about two weeks on Google+, which is of course Google's attempt to unseat Facebook as the most popular social networking site around (MySpace was last seen loitering, unkempt and alone, in a pawn shop parking lot on Detroit's notorious Eight Mile).

I like Google+.  I like the idea of sticking this person in one circle, and this other person in another, and knowing that people in my Work circle, for instance, won't see the endless stream of 'buy my book' begging I inflict upon my Fans circle.

There's also none of this adding friends business.  Facebook forces you to send potential 'friends' a friend request, which they must accept before any other communication commences.  With Google+, I just add any name I want to any circle I want (and you can create your own), and if that person gets tired of my inane ramblings they can quietly block me.  I'll never know it.  No muss, no fuss.

Google+ has just as many -- more, really -- bells and whistles as FB.  Better ones, too.  And you know what Google+ does not have?

Farmville.  Mafia Wars.  None of that.  I haven't been pestered by a single game app.  No one has encouraged me to 'Click here to see real pictures of Casey Anthony killing Osama bin Laden!'

I haven't seen a single poorly-worded exhortation that I repost some sophomoric bit of patriotic doubletalk or all-caps religious dogma.

Do I think Google+ will send Facebook packing anytime soon?

No.  But I do see a migration of some of FB's users to Google+.  A lot of people may find the relative lack of lame game apps and tee-hee joke reposts refreshing.

In fact, a mass migration of FB users to Google+ might be a bad thing, because it would inevitably bring Farmville and the like right along with it.

I still have a couple of Google+ invitations left.  Email me at if you'd like one.  If you're already on Google+, say hi to me there!  Just make sure you talk to me -- there's another Frank Tuttle there.  He's a photographer, and a good one.

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